Giles Barrow

Welcome to my new website where I feature a range of work that I am engaged in at the moment. You will also find much of the information and materials that were on my previous site, I have been wanting to start anew, and these days it seems to be re-designing a website is one way of demonstrating that things are changing. I hope you enjoy the new site.

If you are new to my work, or wondering a bit more about my ideas and interests, you might find some of the links below of interest.

My intention is to provide a useful bank of resources that I frequently use in my training programmes as well as a small library of articles and papers on a range of educational themes. Those who already know me will be aware that I do not use social media, I don’t have a mobile phone nor do I use Powerpoint. What this means is that I spend much of my time thinking and writing, and whilst I do not set out to offer a ‘blog’ or ‘vlog’, or any other bite-sized updates, I will update this site with upcoming drafts of current writing projects. All of my resources are available, free of charge, and I ask that you would respect the spirit of gifting by acknowledging whenever you use my material.