Giles Barrow

Here you can find some of the articles I have written, as well as materials to support the courses I offer.


Educator as Cultivator

A paper presented at a TA conference in Montreal several years ago. It was subsequently revised and published in the Transactional Analysis Journal in 2011.

Eldership in Education

This is a conference paper which was later revised and published in Pastoral Care in Education in 2016.

Wonderful World - Beautiful People

This is a draft version of what was later published in the Transactional Analysis Journal (2007). It focuses on the reversal of Berne's egostate metaphor.

Beyond Behaviour - Toward Relationship

Here's an unpublished paper looking at the theme of relational school leadership.

TAJ Article

Free downloads of my most recent article published in the TA Journal on education philosophy

Being Well in the World

50 Free downloads of a newly published critique on the current campaign for mental health and well-being in schools

Support Materials

TA101 Handbook

This is a collection of all of the booklet I use when delivering the TA101 introductory course. It is available to course participants who prefer an electronic copy, as well as those looking for basic information on core TA concepts.

Cycle of Development

Here you will find the main document with all of the Cycle of Development handouts used in my training.

Educational Continuum

This document provides an overview of the continuum of educational philosophies, a model which is best used in conjunction with my article on Schooling & Script published in the Transactional Analysis Journal.


Here's the Cycle of Development jigsaw graphic in black and white

Birth Order

A brief overview of birth order

Cycle of Development Jigsaw

Here's the full colour version of the jigsaw. I have now resumed production of the wooden puzzles of the image. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a puzzle. Cost £40 inc. P&P.

Integrity Conference Parker Palmer

Workshop notes and references for Parker Palmer material

Integrity Conference Early Education Interview

Early Education influences; workshop notes.