Giles Barrow

Opportunities to work with me

Currently I am engaged in a number of projects and interested in offering a range of opportunities for those interested in working with me. I tend to avoid delivering one-off training events, preferring to work with groups over a period of time. An important part of my work is deepening the work carried out here at Mill House. Here are some upcoming possibilities:

Intro to Eco-TA

This introductory course is designed for practitioners who have already been developing outdoor practice with clients or are considering doing so. It will be suitable for human relations practitioners regardless of field of application, qualification, or experience. Only a basic level of TA knowledge is required.

Each workshop involves spending extended time outdoors, as well as working within small group and plenary formats, combining experiential and taught input. Topics will include working with protocol, symbolic movement and experience, script, liminality, ritual, story storytelling and the clarification of vocational purpose, all in relation to an ecological perspective.

Eco-TA Spring 2024

Courageous Work: A Gathering for Men

I have been working in partnership with Will Johnson, our facilitator training in the Courage & Renewal process based on the writing of Parker Palmer. This is really exciting stuff, innovative and much needed.

Courageous Work flier

Family Constellations Workshop

Enid Welford will be making a third visit to Mill House to offer a family constellations workshop in the yurt. This is one of the highlights of the year and spaces are limited so get your place booked early.

Family Constellation flier

TA Accreditation Preparation

For those working toward any level of accreditation in TA I have a longstanding partnership with Sari van Poelje (TSTA - O) and Sue Eusden (TSTA - P) and we have enjoyed supporting many candidates preparing for CTA, TSTA and the TEW. Upcoming dates can be found in the flier below.

TA Accreditation Preparation flier

Walking with Women

Come and spend a weekend dropping into the world of story. Gather around the fire and walk with others amongst tales of women. Whether its maiden, mother or crone, there’s a story to tell with a gift for those who want to hear. The weekend is about entering women’s storied lives, becoming familiar with the turns in the tale of the feminine path. We will meet a handless maiden, a half-girl and fox women - perhaps even a woman that marries a bear.

Walking with Women flier